About Us

Who We Are:

Located in Kiel, Fromm Accounting provides services for clients across East-Central Wisconsin. With over 100 years of combined experience on staff, we provide high quality services to our clients at reasonable rates, while adhering to our core principles.

Core Principles

Integrity - At Fromm Accounting, we treat every client's situation with objectivity and confidentiality, and we adhere to the rules and regulations of both our profession and taxing authorities.

Commitment to Clients - At Fromm Accounting, we strive to listen first and truly understand the need that our client is presenting us. We want to be more than just tax preparers or accountants; we seek to be problem-solvers, and to really help our clients fulfill their need.

Value - At Fromm Accounting, we want to add value in everything that we do for clients. Whether it be saving tax dollars or recommending a new business strategy or process to increase profits, the goal remains the same - to add value for our clients.